Unto her, a Blog was Born

Days, weeks, months passed. Ideas in my head, inspiration everywhere… However it is now, 39,000 feet above some fields in Belgrade, (I could well be chatting shit) that I decided it’s time for my blog to be born.

Another 2 weeks passed before I looked at those 3 sentences again… The first thing you will learn about me, dear reader, it that I like to procrastinate and leave things to the last minute. And if you need proof; I bought the iPad in which I am typing on 2 days before departing the country. Bearing in mind I planned to create a travel blog whilst away. I don’t know how I expected to create this blog: internet cafe in the Laos countryside maybe? Or perhaps I’d type out 500 words a day on my phone. The only time that would occur would be a very angry set of messages written out in the notes app and then probably deleted (we’ve all been there).

I’m interested in writing and traveling, and love to read a good inspirational travel blog, so I thought, what could be a better thing to write about! This summer I am travelling around Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and so this is where I will start my blog. I plan to travel round more of Asia next summer, maybe Australia after that and hopefully some stop offs in Europe in the future, so stick with me!

More about me: I am an English Language and communication student, starting my final year at uni in September (2017) in Canterbury, Kent. I am originally from the Brighton area, and I’m a Capricorn if you’re into that sort of thing (I am not). I like a good night out, that ends in a maccies, or rolling down a hill- almost all my nights out end in at least one of these. I also like writing (obvs) and my favourite subject is myself. But in a charming, confident interesting way- not narcissistic.

So I hope you enjoy my blog, whether it inspires you, entertains you or helps you in some way.

Amber x

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