Are you a feminist?

“haha nahhh, I don’t believe in burning bras and all that. I have equal rights to men. In fact men have it a lot worse in some ways and feminists don’t care about that blah blah blah blah blahhhhhh.”

If you believe that, it’s time to have a little sit down chat. Because feminism isn’t all burning bras and telling men they’re all twats, that’s the thing (although I haven’t worn a bra in a week and it’s been quite freeing… ). The thing is, feminism isn’t a dirty, man-hating word. It’s means equality. For women AND for men. It’s about fighting for equal pay, it’s about fighting for men to have the same custody rights as women. For women to not be scared to walk home at night. For men to not be afraid of being un-manly. It’s about EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE.

It’s not about being offended by everything. And I think that is where people are becoming confused about the concept of ‘feminism’. As a feminist, I believe in equality across the world. Did you know that until 2015, women in Saudi Arabia still did not have the right to vote? and until this year- 20 frickin 18, women were not allowed to drive?!?! And despite now being ‘allowed’ to drive and vote, women in Saudi Arabia are still not allowed to be independent. “All women in the kingdom are considered to have a male “wali” – an official guardian, typically a father, brother, uncle or husband.” Meaning they cannot apply for jobs, for uni etc. without their “wali” allowing them to. This is the kind of thing I, as a feminist, want to see changed.

Did you know that in countries such as, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nigeria, India, Mozambique and many many more, girls as young as 10 or 11 will be married off- as soon as they get their first period. In Niger, 3 in 4 girls marry before their 18th birthday. This is something that I, as a feminist, need to see changed.

And in the UK we have it pretty easy in comparison… but there are still massive inequalities- the gender pay gap, the fact that only 32% of MPs are women!

And then there’s inequalities for men. According to a study in 2011, only 8% of single parents are men in the UK. And 200 children lose contact with their fathers every single day in a family court. How is that fair?

And not only that, but men, in the UK are on average THREE TIMES more likely to commit suicide that women. One of the reasons being that men are more reluctant to open up about their problems when they are in crisis than women. This again, is something that, as a feminist I believe needs to be changed.

There are so many huge inequalities for men and women, and I could go on about these for hours and days and months about how equality and feminism is needed to fix these issues, and so we should all just rally together in fixing these issues rather than certain people complaining to Twitter that there’s a burger king and not a burger queen etc. etc. I couldn’t give a tiny rat’s ass (excuse the friends quote) about that.

So please don’t accuse feminists of being offended by everything. I just want real equality for real issues across the world.

Thank you lots and lots for reading.


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