My Favourite Fabulous Social Media Campaigns part 1

I’m going to start off with an apology for the title of this blog post. I was trying to make it catchy but in reality it’s just a bit wordy and kind of illiterate. But anyway…

I have a massive interest in social media; from posting a selfie on Instagram, to using several different Twitter and Facebook accounts for businesses and for myself. It sounds kinda lame, I know, but social media is my life.

So obviously, I see social media as a positive thing.

And before someone jumps down my throat about the damaging effects of Instagram, I will say this… Yes, people will post on Facebook and Instagram about their fake ‘perfect life’ yada yada… but it’s no worse than print media? Photoshopped pics etc. etc. And if you put Twitter into the equation… well that’s pretty much a bunch of people complaining about how terrible their life is… So much sarcasm- it’s great. And that doesn’t really make me feel shit. The point I’m trying to make is that social media is a real mixed bag so don’t hate on me too much when I talk about the positive impact of it.

So here it is: some of my favourite social media business accounts- and reasons why social media is pretty important. (it won’t be too controversial really)

  1. Missguided

To prove that social media isn’t all bad news and photoshopped perfect GODDESSES, I’m going to start off with Missguided’s ‘make your mark campaign’, which aims to inspire girls to ‘not strive for perfection’ and promotes the average Joe… or Jolene as… well, a goddess.

Through this campaign, the company advertised their clothes while emphasising the beauty of models’ ‘imperfections’ to relate to and inspire young women, which it reflected across their social media, enforcing the message, “f— perfection, it doesn’t exist.”


That message is clearly shown in their Twitter header (above).

The campaign particularly interested me in how it appealed to young women- creating a buzz around the company name, while also advertising their products. It’s a pretty sick social media strategy, let’s be honest.

And Missguided loves to be your best mate on social media that tells you ‘be yourself you’re fucking awesome!’ or ‘KEEP ON BEING YOU’ according to their insta/facebook/website/twitter. The constant use of ‘hun’, ‘babe’ and the fact they don’t use an initial capital letter on Twitter- they’re just ‘missguided’. They just wanna show how super breezy and chill they are. Like me. That’s why I can relate.

And that’s why their social media campaign works so successfully- they bring in the super breezy ‘gals’ who ‘tag their bestie’ and bring them in too. It’s a great social media strategy because it targets the average young woman perfectly, while also showing off their morals about photoshopping. It’s an all round winner. And that’s why Missguided have my favourite social media campaign.


As I mentioned before, I live and breathe social media, including running accounts for businesses, so if you would like any more information and/or help for anything social media, drop me a line and so I would be happy to give you a hand with anything social.




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