Social Media Marketing Campaigns – part 2

If you know me, you’ll probably know that I don’t eat meat (veggie blog post pending). One day I also plan to go vegan… I try to use vegan substitutes here and there, because, more often than not, the substitutes are better for me and better for the environment. I promise this isn’t the veggie blog I was talking about. No no, I am here to discuss Oatly’s oat milk. Which I have recently started putting in the 900 lattes I make for myself during the average working day. Now this also isn’t an advert, although  it definitely does sound like it. No, this is part 2 of my favourite marketing/social media campaigns- wooooo! *fireworks* *confetti everywhere* *champagne popping*.

SO OATLY.  The company is a Swedish company that makes milk-alternative products from oats, e.g. Oat milk in whole, semi and skinny varieties, oaty versions of cream, and custard. It’s pretty groovy.

So branding- I love the branding of this product: it gives off super chilled out vibes that appeal to your hippie vegan friend (me). One side of the carton literally just says that it is the side of a carton. What’s not to love?!

And then the social media. This is one of the first pictures I clicked on whilst scrolling down the Oatly Instagram, and I am so glad that I did:


I think the reason I like it so such is because it’s just funny ramble. And that’s what I aspire my blog to be like really – funny ramble. (whoever is thinking ‘you’re not funny’ can quite frankly piss off.)

In the post above, Oatly has combined a stunning foodie pic, which catches the viewers attention, with a bit of random colloquial chat. This continues the down to earth branding and I love that the self-labelled ‘social media writer person’ randomly goes on about pumpkin spice and dogs in Halloween costumes. Again it very much adds to this idea that Oatly is not some big corporate brand that you can’t trust, they’re your mate who likes to step outside the box of marketing briefs and strict guidelines, and gives you good wholesome oatmilk to go with their wholesome branding. They’re also showing that they do whatever the hell they please – “I, social media writer person, can throw off the shackles of the advertising brief and run wild with creativity.” Love it – power to the people and all that. It just shows the company as cool and a bit kick-ass. This is inspiration I will definitely away for future marketing projects I will take part in. (I’ll still stick to marketing briefs though hahahapleasehiremehahaha).

Oatly have also also recently started a humans of New York style Instgram account which gives the stories of all kinds of interesting people who use Oatly products, for example:

This is such an interesting way of attracting people to a product. Similar to the way that a lot of clothes websites have their own fashion blogs. It’s a great way of getting people to follow a brand’s social media accounts and be genuinely interested in the content they create. And as a blogger, I am obviously interested in the bloggness of it.

So that’s it, part 2 of my favourite social media campaigns of 2018. Hope you enjoyed it, and I would love it if you checked out part 1 if you haven’t already! 

Thank you and love you all 



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