Day 6 & 7

The morning of day 6 was spent at the killing fields. And yes, it was as depressing as it sounds.

The killing fields document the experience of over a million Cambodians who were murdered in by the Khmer Rouge regime during the late 70s. This includes tours of this place where mass graves were held for these poor Cambodian people. The tour included a glass building filled with the skulls and bones of people who were killed in the genocide.

It was quite a harrowing experience, as you can probably imagine, but also very eye opening to learn about something so insane that happened less than 50 years ago. In my parents lifetime! And I had never really heard anything about it. It was something that can’t be missed when visiting Phnom Penh or Cambodia in general really.


bag ladyThe rest of the day was more or less spent chilling round the hotel pool and trying to tan in the short intervals of sun before it became too cloudy. Phnom Penh was pretty groovy but I didn’t explore too much if I’m honest- were tried to visit the royal palace but a friend of mine wasn’t covered up correctly which meant going back to the pool and chilling. Which was perfectly fine with me- I was pretty exhausted at this point. And there were more bloody pigeons that the centre of London. And no one likes those winged rats, let’s be honest.

On the left is a picture I took as we were leaving Phnom Penh but it is how I looked during pretty much my whole trip, i.e. a bag lady.

Day 7 was another pretty chilled one- most of the day consisting of a long old drive to Sihanoukville. Like well long. And so my tip of the day here is to always have a pack of cards handy. We played countless card games as well as some quite deep and argumentative games of would you rather. But it passed the time. And finally we were at Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville was so nice. Soooooooooo nice. All beachy and peng in the sun. *Borat voice* Issss nicee. So the first thing we did when we got to Sihanoukville was, of course, hit the beach.


And because I’m such a white girl, I just had to get a white girl hair braid on the beach from the campest guy ever, who told me, “you’ll look so sexxxxyyyyyy, yesss you are so beautiful.” Well thanks for the ego boost babe. He also tried to force another girl to get her leg hair threaded because it was getting a bit too long for his liking.

A bit later we went to some place for a massive BBQ on the beach. It was pretty sweet, all chilled on the beach, hanging out, having a drink etc. Later that evening we went into the town for a couple of drinks, played a bit of beer pong all that chilled stuff. It should be noted that there were no stressful drunk adventures this time. The most dramatic incident was getting told off for trying to Snapchat in a casino.

And that was it, my first week of travelling done!


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  1. We are planning to visit SE Asia in 2 years and are “looking forward’ to visiting here. It’s important to experience things that make you uncomfortable when you visit places; if you’re only having fun on vacation, maybe you’re not really experiencing the country you think you are.


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