Feb: I’VE READ 3 BOOKS?!!!!??!!?

Okay so it’s actually over a week into March now, but I started writing this on like the 1st Feb so it still counts, right? Maybe?

So February flew by at an incredible speed. I cannot fathom that it is MARCH now. And I have been completely CRAP at keeping up with my blogging in Feb, as you may have noticed. The main reasons being the same old *yawn* reason that I have been busy busy busy with work… and I have a new (distracting) boyfriend.

So remember all those many moons ago when I made that little resolution for 2019: I was going to try new things this year. So I did the Veganuary thing (sort of), went to a strip club… It was all kinds of exciting.

I wanted this excitement of new things to continue into February, but somehow February was over in about 9 seconds. And the only new things I’d really done is read lots of books and get a boyfriend. So I thought I would write my first ever book review (since about year 6 anyway). Is it a cop out? maybe. But March will be a good one so give me a break. I’m honestly just in shock that I’ve read 3 books in 2019 already. When did I become so literate?!

So if you’ve waded through all that ramble and would still like to read some more, then read some ramble about reading and maybe you’ll be inspired to become a reader again, like me. (ramble)

This is Going to Hurt – Adam Kay

So I’m generally more of a fiction kind of reader myself. In fact I hadn’t picked up a non-fiction book (other than forced a level history books) in… well possibly ever. But after this book I realised that real life is alright, and non-fiction books don’t always have to include a communist dictator.

I read this book because there was a huge hype around it, and I’m here to say that in all honesty…………… I’m a HUGE fan. I read the book over the course of about a week and my mum (the busiest woman in the world) found time to read it in less than 24 hours. It’s just that good. So now that I’ve finished licking Adam Kay’s arse, here’s an overview: Adam Kay was training as a junior doctor, and wrote a load of diaries as he was doing so. These diaries were then written up and published, relaying hilarious tales of the weirdos you can imagine prowl around in NHS hospitals. It’s so well written: his writing had me laughing and reading bits out loud to my mum, my boyfriend (“you know, I have read this book right” – mum & bf) and anyone who would listen.

I think everyone in the UK should read this book. Not just because it had me in stitches, but because you will never complain about the NHS again once you have read it. The NHS is a bloody amazing institution, and many many MANY people would not be here were it not for the underpaid, overworked doctors and nurses in the UK (God bless the NHS!). This book really shows how underpaid and overworked NHS staff really are (which is what a lot of people in this country need to hear), but is still so readable and funny.

Now I can’t recommend this book anymore, without getting up and actually start humping the book in front of my blog readers, and I’m probably not going to do that. So with that, I will move on.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman

So this book had a bit of a slow start. I didn’t like it at first; the protagonist was a little bit odd and I found her a bit too cringe. And if I wasn’t in Amsterdam airport at the time, with nothing much to do, I probably would have given up on it. But as I read on, it was quite a sweet story about a very damaged girl learning about herself and pushing the boundaries of her simple little life. I enjoyed finding out more about her childhood as the book progressed, but there were no huge twists. Well maybe a couple towards the end, but nothing you couldn’t have worked out in the build up to the big reveal. Towards the end, I learnt to love Eleanor and rooted for her to have a nice little normal life despite her mental past.

In summary, I enjoyed this book but wouldn’t read again, or rave about it to anyone. Was like 🙂 but not :)))) ya get me?

Everything I know About Love – Dolly Alderton

I was bought this book as a present. In the words of my boyfriend, “I was looking for some kind of girl power feminist empowerment book that you’d like and I found this.” Dream man, and dream book as it turns out.

Dolly Alderton talks about her life; from trying to shag random boys in the bathrooms of parties; to being an empowered strong independent woman… In amongst doing a lot of random and funny shit. My god, I live for it. She writes, hangs out with her gal pals and pretty much just leads the life I want (shagging in bathrooms aside) and I felt myself laughing out loud at every other page. At one point she talks about planning a hen do for her bestie, where she gets video clips of random Z-listers, the bestie’s local MP and the lad her bestie lost her virginity to, all wishing her a happy wedding day. If my friends don’t go as overboard as this when I eventually get married, the wedding & all my friends shall be cancelled.

As well as happiness and loooots of lols, Dolly also relays real life difficulties, and it’s emotional and really meaningful in parts.

Basically, I love this book, recommend it very highly, and now believe that when I grow up I want to be Dolly Alderton.

Thank you and good night.

(and I hope you enjoyed this post!)

(and sorry again for the rubbish amount of posts reecently!)

(Also I hope you like this weird featured image lol)


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