Am I a Writer now?

It’s time to get real people.

I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I would have liked recently, however that does not mean I haven’t been writing and thinking and creating and doing even more thinking (I’m a big thinker), which I will get into in a minute.

I’ve had a confusing few months of “ahhh what do I do with my life?!!” …I’ve had moments of “right time to get a 9 – 5 job hun,” and the occasional contemplation of “hmmmm, I could just marry a rich prince and never work again?” But that is mainly because I can’t be arsed to lug myself across town for an 8 hour shift. This, however, doesn’t really fit my girl power fight for equality, be independent as fuck mantra. So instead of aggressively swiping through tinder just in case, I have just been stressing.

(Disclaimer: the other reason I haven’t been on tinder is my loving relationship)

In the last 2 weeks, the stress has been less overwhelming and I think I am getting somewhere in life. “ANOTHER life ‘breakthrough’ Amber? Are you serious?!!” I hear you cry… Well errr yes actually…

It was only recently that I’ve stopped trying to be ‘normal’: applying for every 9-5 job I came across on Indeed. I realised that, yep, my bar job is decent- I like being a manager and bossing people around. And on top of that: I am going to get somewhere with my writing. And that realisation has changed my perspective on things.

Looking back over the past years, I started writing travel blogs because I thought, ‘oh it will look good on my CV to have writing interests’. This progressed to my ‘How to be a Post-Student‘ blog post nearly a year ago, written because I was worried and confused about my life, and thought it might resonate with others.

Through my blogging I have learnt what I enjoy writing about and what sounds good. I have learnt that I can just type out my word vomit, but actually polish it after, and I don’t get stuttery and jumbled up like I can do with real life talking. That is always a bonus.

And then in recent months especially, I’ve realised I want to write more, so I’ve been looking at how I can get my writing out there. Since then I’ve written an article for a Brighton magazine; I wrote my first ever guest blog (which was published this week- please give it a read!!) AND I started 2 pretty big and exciting projects.

Maybe I’ve got my shit together a little bit?!!

This is a very rambly blog post (even for me) but I just wanted to update the world on me, because as many of my blog posts have shown, I can be prone to a stress about where my life is headed. But maybe this time is really it? Maybe my head really is screwed on and I’ve figured out the meaning of my life? The future is so exciting (and a little bit scary) and I’m learning to jump in and seize these opportunities. Sometimes I just have to remember to look at how far I’ve already come, when I feel like I’m going nowhere in life.

Super cheesy init.

Thanks for reading this odd little ramble, do you ever get worried about where your life is going? Or not going? Or is it just me that spends days on end staring at the wall contemplating the future?

Serious post coming in the next few days to counteract the drivel, I promise.


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