Finishing uni: 1 year on

I would like to begin this post by saying I am not an adult in any way (despite trying to sound all knowledgable and helpful here), as this morning- while my boyfriend left for Madrid, I locked all my keys in the flat and am now stranded in a coffee shop. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool. On with the blog…

So I only really started writing my blog properly about a year ago. Semi regular posts (emphasis on the ‘semi’.. heheh) that mainly depicted the life of someone fresh out the uni womb and birthed into the world of adulting (what a vivid metaphor). This all began with my ‘How to be a post-student‘ post.

Since then I’ve expanded my writing, with a number of posts on subjects important to me; feminism; many posts on sustainable fashion; I’ve written a couple of travel pieces and a fair few advice type of pieces. And a year later it’s come pretty full circle as I contemplate my life after a year out of education.

I guess this post will be very relevant to lots of people who are just finishing uni, with some going straight into adult jobs, some going into masters’, some just living their best lives… And I can totally relate to feelings of confusion, worry and panic about not having your shit together that people may be feeling. I honestly thought somewhere during my 3 years of uni I would figure my life out, but I did not. Instead I moved home, worked at a bar for a bit while I decided what to do with my life, applying for “grown up jobs” left, right and centre. I then discovered some amazing friends and a lovely boyfriend at this (very shitty) bar I worked at. And it was only really when said boyfriend was like, “do you even want these jobs you’re applying for?” That I realised I did not. I was trying to fit into what I thought was an adult shaped box,  because I thought it was time in life to work 9-5 and wear a pencil skirt… But I wasn’t actually not that into it.

I continued working in the bar, and then a club for a bit (which, although a very strange environment to work in, it was inspiration for a lot of my recent writing)… and then recently got a job in my current work place. Still a bar job, still not working 9-5s (or wearing pencil skirts) but writing a lot more, with exciting life/career plans, and generally being pretty happy.

What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to ‘grow up’ or get a ‘real job’ the second you finish uni… Or ever for that matter. Right now I enjoy working in a bar, AND THAT IS FINE! In the future I hope to continue to write more and more and cut down the bar hours until I can be self sufficient from my writing. And maybe squeeze in a creative writing masters too. I have lots of big writing plans, lads.

I have had to remind myself not to feel like I’m failing because I don’t fit into the box of ‘normality’. Normal is not a thing.

All in all, I did not expect my life to be how it is now, a year ago. I now have quite a serious relationship with my boyfriend with whom I live with in the centre of Brighton; I’m pushing my writing in lots of exciting new ways I didn’t think I would be doing; I still work in a bar; and I want to do a masters in my hometown of Brighton. In the last year I have also made some life long friends (which is very handy, after thinking I would be Billy no mates when I moved home).

And looking at my goals from that post a year ago, things have changed in many ways… In the things I have already mentioned and the fact I never took photoshop lessons. That dream died long ago after paying £100 to get out of my photoshop contract. Fuck you Adobe.

The moral of the story is that life never goes the way you expect.

So I hope this blog post is at least a tiny bit useful to anyone finishing uni! Please let me know if you enjoyed this post, and if you’re goals changed drastically after finishing uni…

All the best,

A not very wise graduate



  1. I love reading about people’s post-uni experiences, and I feel glad for you that, for the most part, they’ve been good! The best of luck with your writing ambitions – I’m sure you’ll do great! I would say that my goals changed post-uni too (and I graduated nearly three years ago now). Basically, I learned that I’m not really into full time work, and no matter how much I like the job, it makes me feel stifled. I do still currently work full time, but I’m trying to work towards a situation where I don’t have to (aka where I have more free time to be independent and creative).


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