So it’s February and I haven’t posted anything. That is mainly because I have been travelling! Australia, Indonesia and a little stop off in Malaysia too (in case you were wondering).

So I hope you’ll forgive me for being a tiny bit late with my new year’s resolutions post… As we’re a couple of months into the year, I thought it would still be relevant, just more of a ‘this is how I’m getting along with said goals.’ (I’m making it work, ok). I really enjoy reading other people’s goals for the upcoming year, and seeing how they get along as the year progresses. It’s like reading a live auto-biography. In fact, 2 months ago I was probably spending a bit too much time scrolling down the feeds of Girlsmouth, reading about the problems of like-minded (and very un-like minded) gals. 

As you can imagine, around 80% of the resolutions have something to do with weight-loss, or appearance in general. Mine will not this year. I have a pretty solid exercise routine, eat pretty well, and don’t hate my body too much. Of course this is referring to my pre-travelling self. I have not been to the gym once in 2020 but lets just not worry about that. Most of my goals focus on my career; my true self and generally being happy, and for me, that’s not restricting my calories and crying in the mirror. (Having said that, if doing these things will genuinely make you happy- go for it)

I was going to make a lame joke about not having 2020 vision here, but I’m going to leave that out now and just get to the juicy stuff instead…



LOL I lied, I am writing about my diet. I went vegan last year and it was great! I still eat many vegan meals (and all veggie of course) but not as many as I would like to. I’d like to be a full on vegan again, for the animals, and for the environment.

Travelling more

Travelling more?! But you’re literally away right now! I hear you say. And that is true, but my boyfriend and I have plans to travel India. This will be more of an adventure and maybe a bit scarier than Aus. Travel planning will begin imminently…

Finish Writing my Book

For those who don’t know, I’m writing a bloody book! So I’m hoping to finish this (and maybe even publish it?) this year. I’m looking forward to learning more about publishing this year too, and how to promote a book. Any tips welcome!

Have some writing published

Speaking of writing…  I would like to get my writing published in an actual magazine this year. That would be awesome.

Start a podcast

And FINALLY, I would like to start a podcast. It sounds a bit random, but I would like to start a podcast talking about bar work and all things service industry. It will be funny (just like me) and I’ll get different people to discuss their most hilarious stories etc. It’s just an idea currently, but I will keep you posted as the idea evolves.


For me, the new year starts the day I get back home on the 10th March, so the second I get back I’ll get cracking on with my new year’s resolutions, and letting you know how 2020 is for me.

What are your resolutions and how is 2020 treating you guys?


Thanks for reading!


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