7 Podcasts I Can’t Live Without

I bloody LOVE a podcast. In fact I’m a slut for podcasts. There I said it.

My love of podcasts began in the good old days of 2007. I was an avid Radio 1 listener, and would listen to the catch up podcasts of my favourite shows. I was obsessed with the Chris Moyles show as well as Scott Mills’ show and I couldn’t let having to learn maths and stuff stop me from missing out, so caught up with the celeb interviews or stupid games on my MP3 player on my way home from school. Soooo 2007. This went on for at least 2 years. If I was in therapy, I would gauge that it was around this point my incredibly intense FOMO kicked in.

I kicked my podcast addiction some time during 2009, but rediscovered that love a year or 2 ago, I guess when podcasts got a bit trendy again… Yes, I said trendy, I’m a 2007 gal.

Since then I have listened to quite a range of podcasts: current affairs; true crime; comedy; motivational podcasts… I listen as I drive; on a walk; when I’m running… In fact most of my time during the lockdown period, so I consider myself a bit of an expert. Because of my vast knowledge on the subject (ha) I put together a mini guide of a few recommendations for a friend who was a podcast virgin and wanted to shed that label and release her inner pod-hoe, like myself. Or at least she wanted to listen to something funny on her commute to London (pre-lockdown). So after recommending a few, I thought I’d extend my recommendations and create a full guide for the world.

So here it is, my 7 favourite podcasts of the last 2ish years.

No Such Thing as a Fish

I was told by a few people how hilarious No Such Thing as a Fish is. I did not listen, because I deemed myself ‘not much of a podcast person anymore’. But after doing some long drives, I needed something other than Arctic Monkeys to quench my boredom and stop me from falling asleep at the wheel (motorways make me a little sleepy, it’s not my best trait). So finally one day, I gave the podcast a go.

Created by researchers of QI, the hosts discuss interesting facts in a hilarious way. It’s the perfect combination of smart and silly. I would love to see the show live, and I would argue that the live shows are the funniest ones. Or maybe that’s because all the episodes I listened to first were the live shows. Hmm.

My Favourite Episode(s): 261. No Such Thing as a Chocolate Train – 22nd March 2019, 268. No Such Thing as Welsh Guinness – 10th May 2019. Interestingly, I am wearing a Guinness top right now… Is it interesting?

In the words of the podcast hosts, On with the show

Creative Rebels

I found out about the Creative Rebels podcast around a year ago, and have been OBSESSED ever since. It’s an interview based podcast created by creatives who interview creatives for the listening ears of creatives. I couldn’t take that awful sentence out, as much as I wanted to…

It’s a very motivational podcast, and gives business advice, marketing advice, and general advice on how to put yourself out there and make money from being creative, whilst presenting the stories of well-known creative people.

Not only do I listen to the weekly podcasts and their extra shows, I have also gone back and listened to all their old episodes from when they first started and messaged them several times too. I’m a keen fan.

My Favourite Episode(s): There are too many… Viv Groskop – 9th August 2019, How to Conquer Anything with Esmee – 27th September 2019 & Starting a sustainable business with Steph Elswood are 3 of my absolute favourites!

Hunting Warhead

When I was travelling, I’d stick 2 or 3 (or 12) podcasts on to keep me going on the vast drives across the Australian countryside. I was introduced to this podcast from 2019, which tells the tale of tracking down notorious child sex offenders who create and distribute child abuse images. It is incredibly intense and upsetting at times, but such an interesting and jaw-dropping podcast. Please brace yourself if you do decide to watch it.

My Favourite Episode(s): Episodes 2 & 4… But you’ve got to listen to it in order. Like I said, very intense and upsetting, so yano, listener discretion is advised.

The High Low

This is probably my favourite podcast. I love Dolly Alderton a little bit too much, and plan on pretty much have her exact career (keep an eye out Dol, I’m coming for you). Only half joking.

This current affairs podcast is hilarious, lovely, and gives an overview of recent news, recent pieces of writing and generally whatever Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton are loving. It’s very funny, emotional at times, informative, and just generally good (I’m running our of adjectives). This podcast has really uplifted my lockdown walks.

My Favourite Episode: “‘Seksbuddies’, Robert Pattinson’s pasta & information overload” from 19th May 2020. I loooove the pieces of writing mentioned in this episode such as, Lockdown With my Gen Z Nieces & Here’s How Time Works and also any mention of that hilarious sore loser on the Weakest Link will crack me up. Never forget.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Another uplifting podcast is How To Fail with Elizabeth Day. The premise is, famous guests come on and talk about their failures in life, because, in the words of Elizabeth Day, “understanding why we fail ultimately makes us stronger”. Elizabeth Day is a GUSHING and extremely honest host, and I think her vulnerability and lack of fear in talking about certain subjects, miscarriages, for example, really brings out an honesty from all her guests. Such a great podcast that makes you see a side of her guests you might never have known about.

My Favourite Episode(s): Deliciously Ella – 4th March this year and Lisa Taddeo – 16th October 2019 (who’s book ‘three women’ is so bloody good just fy!!)


I listened to the entirety of season 1 on the drive to and from Liverpool at the beginning of the year. It’s a true crime podcast, which each season focusing on a crime that has happened, and piecing together who might have done it, for example, “who killed Hae?!” I must admit I haven’t listened to season 3, but the first 2 seasons are both interesting and gripping, and will leave you wondering ‘wtf actually happened?!’.

My Favourite Episode(s): All of season 1

Grounded with Louis Theroux

A new favourite for the lockdown period, is Louis Theroux’s Grounded for radio 4. I always thought radio 4 was for old people, however I’m starting to enjoy the content a little too much to consider myself a ‘young person’ still.

Louis interviews various guests about life and how they’re surviving lockdown. It shows that celebs are having a weird old time too, with each interview recorded through a Zoom type situation with each guest recording their side from their house, and Louis’ side from his. Very current and relatable with the odd ‘is my mic working… oh you’ve frozen… is it my wifi or yours’ comments that we have become accustomed to over the past few months.

It’s classic Louis Theroux entertainment; a few awkward questions, pushing the guests a little further than some might. But in a thoroughly entertaining and not overbearing way.

I have a cushion and a t shirt with Louis Theroux’s face on it. Just thought it should be mentioned here.

My Favourite Episode: Rose McGowan – 25th May. Bloody great interview.

A few other podcasts I’ve been enjoying recently include Modern Love (from the Washington Post), Can he do that? (also Washington Post), The New Yorker Fiction podcast, Blacticulate and About Race with Renni Eddo Lodge’s podcast (I would recommend going back and binging this and/or reading her amazing book, ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rundown of podcasts! I’m such a podcast advocate, and in fact would like to start a podcast myself later this year (insider knowledge). What podcasts do you like?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve really gotten into podcasts in lockdown (we’re still pretty locked down in Wales)! I’ve got about 25 episodes downloaded into my “shows” and I’m overwhelmed haha! Thanks for the recommendations x


  2. I used to listen to podcasts constantly, especially when I had to drive a lot but I’ve fallen out of love recently! I haven’t actually listened to any that you listed but I think I’m going to give them a go as they just sound so interesting! Thanks for sharing Amber and I’ll let you know what I think!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing these! I’ve been trying to get more into podcasts but unsure where to start – I’ll be looking to give all of these a listen! Also your descriptions and added information is so useful. 🙂


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