One Wild (?) Year

We’ve all had an interesting one this year to say the least. And as 2020 begins to wind down, I feel like I’m finishing the year a completely different person to the one I was 12 months ago. Actually I seem to feel like that every year, as I guess that’s what one might call ageing. But this year I’ve aged at least 35 years, as we all have.

Now you may have seen I also did a little Twitter thread with my favourite pieces I’ve written this year, but I just love reviewing the year… And I’m very proud of my year… Plus I like talking about myself. So there we go.

I hate to be one of those people, but 2020 hasn’t actually been a god awful year for me, it’s been pretty decent. For a quick overview of my life (I know you all want to know), I started off the year with 2 months of travelling in Australia, Bali and a few other stop offs. All swell and good. I came home mid-March to a pandemic and impending lockdown stuck in a tiny flat with a boyfriend I would soon break up with; 2 grand into my overdraft with no job. Yeah to be honest, that wasn’t even that bad either.

I then got a part-time job at the Co-op, and then picked up another contract working at their bakery doing 5.30am shifts twice a week. That bit still wasn’t great but not awful. I then broke up with my boyfriend; had to move home to my parents’; still had a maxed out overdraft and continued working a job I absolutely hated.

I won’t lie, I wasn’t exactly living the dream, but I was still perfectly happy. I mean as happy as you can be when going through a break up.

Things perked up a lot since then; I got over the break up; got a great new job (that I don’t hate); and moved back into central Brighton with a couple of friends in a house I adore. This year I have also gone from only ever having written for this blog to writing for various other online publications and finishing the year with having my writing in print twice (well nearly); and starting to pitch to exciting places… My writing confidence has soared. I also managed to write a lot of content for this blog (weekly posts for a lot of the year) which is something I’m extremely proud of.

There’s something very pleasing about writing all this and reading it back, as I am definitely quite hard on myself, and I’ve been feeling very this episode of friends recently:

Now I can look back and think damn, it’s been a whirlwind of a year… And I should feel proud. Hey I am proud.

I am also still writing my book (no surprises there, it’s a slow burner) and am very excited to see what 2021 will hold for me.

God that was cheesy, now I shall climb out of my arse to tell you why I’m also a huge failure.

Half-joking, but when I read this blog post back that I wrote at the beginning of the year, it’s laughable.

Not only did I not go to India with my (now ex-) boyfriend; go Vegan; start a podcast; or finish my book… I didn’t even keep my promise to keep readers updated on my yearly accomplishments. Oops. Although I’m sure you’d at least be aware how well the first 2 points are going by just glancing at my Twitter, considering just how open I am with a) my love life and b) my ridiculous obsession with cheese.

Ah whatever, blame it on Covid.

I’m finishing the year pretty content; amazing friends; a decent job; a pretty happy life, and a fridge full of cheese.

Hope you have all had a lovely year, and continue to prosper in 2021!

Much love xoxoxo


  1. I love this type of blog post! It’s great to read what people have been up to over the last year, sounds like you’re ending 2020 on a high note ✨


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