I like to write personal, anecdotal essays, nostalgic pieces that muster up a warm fuzzy feeling inside, as well as your average Joe journalistic pieces. Here’s a selection of pieces written by yours truly:


I have written a couple of blog posts during my time working for onHand using the brand tone of voice.

Things I’ve learnt since WFH

Can Houseplants Beat the Blues?

City Girl Network

The Boris Bedtime Effect

Why Projects Is One Of The Best Remote Working Spots In Town For Brighton Girls

We’ve All Got ‘The Ick’… and that’s OK

2021: The Year Fast Fashion Dies For Good?

The Indiependent

‘Mothering Sunday’ Announces its Star-Studded Cast (collaborative piece)

The 10 Best McFly Songs

Book Review: Dear NHS // Edited by Adam Kay

Tried and Tested Break up Cures

Virtual Speed Dating: The Future For Singles?

6 Shows That Got Us Through 2020 – RuPaul’s Drag Race (in December 2020 printed edition)


Hachiku – I’ll Probably be Asleep

Bicep: Isles // Review

This is Brighton

My Covid Contract

An Ode to a Crackden


A Love Letter to Festivals

Blog Posts

I also write a weekly blog, so feel free to delve into the deep depths of my archives to learn more about me:

A Very Dry January

A very chaotic blog post to mirror my chaotic life … More A Very Dry January

One Wild (?) Year

We’ve all had an interesting one this year to say the least. And as 2020 begins to wind down, I feel like I’m finishing the year a completely different person to the one I was 12 months ago. Actually I seem to feel like that every year, as I guess that’s what one might call … More One Wild (?) Year