Day 5 continued…

So, I have A LOOOOT of diary type posts from when I was in South East Asia last year, so I thought, HEY… why not actually finish them off and post them! Great idea. So I thought I’d write up the posts and aim to post one every Friday or so.

I left off half way through day 5 and so that is where I shall continue. Hope you enjoy and  find it someone entertaining or useful or something!

Phnom Penh was a pretty cool place (from what I can remember). It was beachy and chilled, and was my favourite hostel we stayed in. There was a pool, the rooms were decent sized, We were living the dream.

The only thing that was a little off was the food choices. We went out for dinner the evening we got there the menu had the standard SE Asia food choices… you know; noodles, rice, some sort of meat the usual suspects… and then one slightly more interesting choice, and the restaurant’s ‘special food’: Fried tarantula.

And when in Asia do as the Asians do right? Absolutely not. I made my excuses of being veggie, and SADLY having to miss out on this treat, but others in the group were eager to try this delicacy.

yum yums

Not only was there fried tarantula, but there were also shots of tarantula alcohol of some description. And as much as I can be partial to a flavoured vodka now and again, this usually consists of raspberry or mango vodka. I can’t really see ‘tarantula vodka and lemonade’ being spoons’ new hit any time any time soon.

But apparently these are Cambodian traditions, and of course people in the group were pretty eager to get some spidery action, so a round of the tarantula alcohol was ordered with fried tarantula. I may have forced down a spider shot… Think it may have been rum. Like spider ray and nephews. With added bits of floating spider for extra protein. An all round treat.

Safe to say there were sore tummies that night.



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