Where to Find the Best Vegan Sausage Rolls in Brighton

Since Greggs started producing Vegan Sausage Rolls back in January, these little VSRs have taken over the city. I thought it was about time someone wrote an important journalistic piece ranking each Vegan Sausage Roll. Due to my sheer ability to snack, I knew I was the person for the job.

Greggs (Western Road branch)

Excuse my chubby baby hand

I couldn’t write about VSRs and not mention Greggs. Almost certainly the most purchased Vegan Sausage Roll across the UK, and also the cheapest at a mere £1. 

The pastry has a perfect flakiness i.e., it doesn’t disintegrate everywhere, but it’s not soggy either. They aren’t, however, as glossy as some other VSRs, but the flavour makes up for it: The ‘meat’ consisted of Quorn sausage: very flavoursome, and left me devouring the (first) roll quite quickly. My only complaint would be the saltiness of the ‘meat’, however I was hungover and ordered 2 with no drink, so perhaps that was my own fault. 

 All in all, I would have to give these beauties a strong 4.2*/5*.

The Plant Room (Brighton Square)

the plant room

I was very excited to try a TPR’s Vegan Sausage Rolls due to the verrrrrrry tasty vegan breakfast they do. TPR offered 2 options: a Cumberland style sausage roll or a roasted red pepper, tomato and garlic one. Both options were vegan, and £3.50, so I went with the Cumberland style sausage: would it be a match for Greggs’ ‘fake meat’ VSR?

Not really. As I bit into the pastry, it fell apart: crunchy pastry crumbs all down my shirt and on the floor as I walked across the city. This was the only VSR that was not warmed up, which had a negative effect on the pastry and the taste.

The filling was okay in flavour, but a bit thick. This gave the VSR a good size (so you’re getting your £3.50 worth in sheer sausage volume), however, it would have worked more collectively if the roll had been heated: a make or break factor when it comes to Vegan Sausage Rolls.

 Sorry TPR, but I’m going to have to give you 2.6*/5*.

Croque Shop (Duke Street)

croque shop copy

If you have walked past Croque shop, you will have seen their window full of homemade sausage rolls: 20 different sausage roll flavours, including a number of vegan options. I opted for a chickpea, cumin and coriander VSR at a low rate of £1.95. This spicy little treat had perfect pastry: a little crumbly, but not soggy, and quite attractive in appearance (looks are important and we know it).

This VSR was nice and warm, right through to the filling, which had a curry taste to it. The filling was maybe a little stodgy, but had a good flavour nonetheless.

 Due to the price, taste and texture, I’m giving this VSR 4*/5*.

Down To Earth Coffee (Western Road)

down to earth

In Hove, actually, Down to Earth Coffee provided me with a delicious Vegan Sausage Roll. 

The VSR had my favourite filling of them all: full of mushroomy goodness (if you’re into that kind of thing). The roll was also nice and warm, which is always appreciated. 

The pastry was an even thickness, perfectly flaky, and had a nice shine to it (i.e. pretty and photogenic). At £2.20, these VSRs held a medium price (as VSRs go) but I would have paid more.

 These little gems were pretty damn perfect, so considering all the factors: 4.6*/5*.

Hells Kitchen (Gardner Street)

Hells kitchen

Hells kitchen offered two VSR options: mushroom or tofu. As I’d already had a mushroom sausage roll, I mixed things up and went for tofu.

At initial glance, this VSR was a bit squished and didn’t photograph well (we all have off days, eh?). The initial bite also disappointed as it burnt off my taste buds. Due to the fact this VSR had been overheated, the pastry had also gone soggy and kind of chewy. Disappointing.

The filling, however, was quite nice- more carroty than tofu-y, but still; a different taste to the other VSRs. At £3.25, this Vegan Sausage Roll was towards the pricier end of the range, and I’m unsure if it was worth the money.

I’m rating this one 2.8*/5*. Maybe the mushroom one would have been nicer…

I have learnt that although Greggs do a banging Vegan Sausage Roll, Brighton and Hove offer a whole world of different choices, of which I will explore next time I have a VSR craving.

Hope you enjoy this post, pls let me know where else I can get a banging VSR xxoxoxoxoxo

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  1. Wow, I wish where I lived had such a selection of VSRs! Did you eat these all in one day? Haha! I love a good Gregg’s VSR and actually had to stop myself from going in there because it got so bad!


    1. Not gonna lie, I ate most of these in one day hahaha… oh I can totally relate, there’s a Greggs at the top of my road and it is dangerous


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