My Implant Still Sucks

So a while ago (almost 3 months ago exactly) I wrote a ranty post about the implant. And hormones. And the general aggro that goes with being a woman on contraception. (see here if you haven’t already read it…or if you want to reread it… I just reread it… It’s very angry).

So I thought I’d do a follow up, after the hormone fuelled anger that was the previous post. As I’m not actually that angry anymore, I thought I’d update everyone on what the implant is like when you’re not a super emotional wreck, in case you considering getting the implant or are just interested in my general well-being (if so that’s cute, thanks x x).

Three months in, I more or less love the implant. Other than constant spotting- that’s not great. But it is dealable with.  Other downsides include the period-like mood swings every so often like a phantom period. (What is really weird is that my phantom period has linked up with a colleague’s phantom period… So work is really fun for the rest of the team about once a month).

Not long after I got the implant, I had a weird recurring flu, which kept going away and then coming back a day later. And the only explanation for that can really be the implant because, let’s be honest, how many colds can one person get in 3 weeks.

The upsides do weigh out the downsides though, the main one being that I’m not pregnant (from all that sex I’m OBVIOUSLY having *nervous laughter*) and due to my awful memory, it’s pretty handy not having to take a pill every morning.

So although there are mood swings and weird constant spotting, there’s no actual period. And that’s the real upside, for someone like me who gets truly awful punch-in-the-intestine-and-give-you-the-constant-shits period pains. I mean not having to deal with these is reason enough to get the implant.

So that’s my two pennies worth on the situation. And I hope it’s useful to anyone that’s considering getting the implant!

Thanks for reading xoxoxo


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